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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Work Continues

Last Sunday, as no-one in Ecuador works on the day of rest, we had the chance to take the day off and indulge in one of the local attractions, the Devil´s Nose train ride. This is a 6 hour trip that boasts some the most spectacular views in Ecuador. It descends the Andean mountain sides by completing multiple switchbacks. The appeal for us was the ability to sit on the top of the train as it raced through the countryside. Spectacular

Work at Santa Isabelle is moving at an encouraging rate. The fencing is complete and they are starting to till the field. We are now in the process of building two fields, the second located at a community called Guabug. The reception at Guabug has been very warm and the people are working incredibly hard (especially considering that a strong work ethic is not something that Ecuador is famous for). We hope to have the fields done by the 20th. So at the moment it is all about working our butts off pouring concrete, separating soil and stone and shovelling, shovelling, shovelling. At the end of the day it is back to Casa Condor where we work on the media front. The hard work is pure and liberating. I am quickly learning to deal with the the bureaucrats in a passive manner and focus on the result: a couple of fields done and ready to use. Although most of our association has been with the adults, it is still about the children. A simple plan. And as soon as the first kid steps on the field to play, I call it a success.

Worthy of note: I believe we have set a Gringo record for most days in a row with Guinea Pig consumed. I am in the process of contacting the Guinness Book...

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Lisa Bettany said...

Great work! Inspiring as always. Loving the shots.

PS Does it taste like chicken? No wait. I don't want to know. At least, they're bigger than hamsters.... more nutritious I expect. That's horrible. *clean slate*

Good luck gringos.