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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Equipment Arrives!

It was not an easy process by any stretch. The paper work could fill a small office. I can honestly say that this was the hardest bureaucratic process I have ever faced. After a painstaking journey, the soccer equipment has finally made it to Ecuador and Casa Condor.

We were awoken at about 3:30 am by Gavin and Roberto as they pounded on the door of C.C. their first words... "everyone up, weve got some work to do". After the 8 hour journey from Guayaquil, the truck driver decided that he was very uncomfortable about tackling the driveway to C.C.

This meant a bit of a hike to complete the journey. The truck´s lights met us as we rounded the last turn in the 150 meter driveway of C. C. In order to get our equipment to its next temporary resting place, we had to carry each individual box, one by one.

We completed this process at about 6 am. But its all here!

Another milestone worthy of mention. We had our first game on an OA field. We could not resist the opportunity to play a game before laying the field to rest for two weeks to allow the seed to grow on the field at Santa Isabelle.

We stepped over the threshold with a great feeling of satisfaction. With two teams kitted and ready to go, it was Canada vs. Ecuador. Unfortunately the celebration had actually commenced the night before for the OA boys so we were all a little hurting. Despite our headaches, the game went well thanks to a few Ecuadorian ringers and the MVP: Brenden Smith, who was playing his second soccer game ever. The final score was seven to one for team OA and Im happy to say that I scored my first international goal. I was also unfairly reprimanded for a late tackle giving me my first yellow card.