Andrew: Mobile

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Lisa Bettany said...

awesome. there are some intense "baraka" moments in this video. i love the ants carrying the leaves. i'm a big fan of macro footage and animal footage which you seem to have an incredible gift at capturing. i also love the silhouette/back lit shots.

I am still mystified at how you are putting these videos together so quickly (you must have incredible focus...) I am even more mystified at how you kept all your equipment safe and dry in that small canoe?!? I am usually so stressed out with all the gear i carry around with me that I've actually considered buying one of those national geographic type photographer's vests with all the pockets. i know. intensely unfashionable. but knowing I've got all my batteries, cards, lens caps and associated gear secured, might give me a little piece of mind on the road. what kind of bags are you using to carry all your gear??

I continue to really enjoy your posts. Safe travels & love from the West Coast!

justine coleman said...

Hi you remember me Justine. You and mike came and stayed with us when you were just 18[Raies sister]. I am very impressed with your video and hope that my boys are as adventurous as you. Please remember that you and Mike are always welcome to come and stay with us. We are still living in Coolum Beach but different location. Hope your life is going well take care Justine