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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A visit to the villages around Chimborazo

We spent today driving around with Antonio. As the guys (Pike, Dunc and Sergio) have arrived a few of us had to ride in the back of the truck. This number increased and decreased as we picked up and dropped off locals in the different villages that we visited. As we went from town to town we were routinely offered to join in on lunch. At around 1:00 we were getting quite hungry so we decided to take the president of a community up on his offer. We all piled out of the truck and were led into a dark room. We were met by the elders of the village who had just sat down to eat. More chairs were brought in and we were seated. The meal started with the standard “Caldo” (broth usually with chicken). As the main course came, we all looked at each other hoping for a clue about what we were looking at. Roberto politely asked what we had been served. I heard the word, ”Cuy” and immediately recognized it. Named for the sound it makes when it is skewered. Guinea pig! It was actually quite tasty; kind of like chicken only a little more chewy (and of course much smaller).

We saw at least ten different fields that we could potentially repair or rebuild. All of them need a lot of work. Now we have to work out what is possible with the finances and time we have.

We arrived home after a ten hour day, tired dirty and full from our 3 lunches.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the reply. I'm so glad to hear things are going well.

I'm also using the Rebel Xti. It's a great SLR. I love it. I'm sure you will get some stunning shots with a lens like that. It must be heavy though! I mainly use a 50mm prime lens. It goes down to f1.4 so it's awesome in low light and for dynamic focus drop-offs.

You are inspiring so many people. And I just wanted to pass along how much support there is for you and Project Ecuador.

Good luck,